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What you need to know:

Never click on a link you are not expecting to receive! If you get a text message with a link in it, verify that the sender actually sent it! This particular virus, ‘Wroba’, can send texts from the infected users phone so it will look like it is coming from someone you know!

The Details:

Named ‘Wroba’, this phone based malware tries to trick you into clicking a link with a message like “Your package is waiting to be delivered, click here for more information.” Then, if you click the link, it will try and convince you that there is a problem with your browser, you may click the button to fix the “problem”, and then you have allowed the virus to be downloaded onto your device.

If you are an Android user, you have a couple of big problems. First, the virus has full access to your phone and is after your banking credentials! Second, the virus will propagate itself by using your phone and your name to send text messages to your contacts. Your friends and family see texts from someone they trust, and click the link. Now they are infected too!

If you are an iOS user, your problems are different, but no less severe. Once you have clicked the link in the text message, you are taken to a page that appears to be a legit Apple login page. However, as soon as you enter your login information, it is sent to the creators of the virus and allows them full control over your Apple accounts.

For either operating system, ‘Wroba’ can run in the background of your phone and trick you into entering passwords on fake web pages. These pages look like your banking, investment, and social accounts in order to steal your login information, and eventually, your money!

Here is a link to Threatpost’s article: https://threatpost.com/wroba-mobile-banking-trojan-spreads-us/160785/