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What you need to know:

Anywhere you use your credit/debit cards online is another place that an attacker can find them! You should not ever enter your card details on any site you don’t trust with ALL of your money! Alternatively, you can use “Virtual Card” services like privacy.com offers, to use a new card number for every service, so if one site gets hijacked, they only have a virtual card and not access to your actual account.

The details:

Recently, a gold dealer in Texas announced that their payment system had been breached. Unfortunately, they announced it MONTHS after the initial breach occurred and after customers had already been affected by the attack. It took the dealer 5 months from the time of the attack to mitigate it and inform their customers. This delay goes to show that you can’t always trust vendors with your private information. In that time, attackers had access to a yet unknown number of customers’ personal bank card numbers and funds. This data may have been used to authorize payments to the attackers, track customer spending, or be sold to criminals on the dark-web. It is for this reason that we recommend using a service like privacy.com to act as a buffer between a vendor and your bank account. Services such as PayPal will work in a similar manner. The idea is to give a vendor access to ONLY the funds agreed upon to complete a transaction. If the vendors are the victim of an attack, or are malicious, the only risk you have is the amount of money you have authorized to be spent on the specific virtual card you shared with them. The rest of your funds, accounts, and information are safely hidden behind the buffer account!

Source: https://threatpost.com/texas-gold-dealer-payment-data-breach/160846/

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